SPARROW Documentation – Training Course Attendance Update via EMAIL /SMS links

  1. This function is similar to Meeting Attendance update via EMAIL / SMS links.
  2. For each course you want this function, input a list of email addresses and SMS phone numbers in the Training Course Editing Screen.
  3. In Course Editing screen, input into “Attendance Update Email (更新出席者電郵)
  4. The system will daily run a job in the morning to check if there is any lesson that day with Attendance Email/SMS lists entered. If so, emails and/or SMS messages will be sent with a link to update the lesson attendance. This link will be effective for 7 days only.
  5. This is a sample email message. SMS message are similar with a LINK to update attendance.
  6. The LINK will provide the following screen for Attendance Update.
  7. It is also possible to Send (resend) the Update Request by selecting “Send Attendance Update Request (發出出席更新要求) from the Course Overview (課程一覽) screen.